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Orthopedic Massage


Orthopedic massage is mainly aimed at working with joints and spine. It is indicated for pain in the vulture and spine, neck, numbness in the limbs, weakness in the limbs, pain in the hip joint, legs, pain in the knees and ankles. The system and techniques of orthopedic massage are selected individually each time and can be directed, and the treatment or for the general improvement of the client's condition. Orthopedic massage is aimed at working with muscles and ligaments, this procedure is suitable for almost everyone.

Orthopedic massage is indicated for: Pain in the limbs, back, neck Pain when moving Joint disruption Aching pain in the limbs, back or shoulders Osteochondrosis Poor posture Scoliosis, kyphosis After injuries and surgery As an addition to restorative treatment With pain syndromes or numbness in the limbs With reduced or increased muscle tone


30 minutes - 25€

60 minutes - 40€