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Back pain treatment in Tallinn


                              Back pain treatment in Tallinn

We can help with:
Lower back pain
Chronic or acute back pain
Upper back pain
Neck pain
Disc hernia
Rehab after back injures, back surgery

We are specialized in soft manual therapy for back pain treatment. This is special form of manual treatment, which delivered with the hands. Soft manual therapy its combination of physical therapy, chiropractic and osteopathy.

In our treatment room which located in central of Tallinn, we use our hands, special neurological and orthopedic tests to assist and find the problem of your back pain.
After that, if need, we do or joint manipulation, or soft tissue release or soft osteopathy to decrease back pain caused by muscle tension, muscle spasm, muscle overuse syndrome, joint dysfunction and etc.

After the treatment usually we create physiotherapy home care exercises to improve result.

First visit treatment duration 60min- 45 euro.
You can book an appointment by email-
or by phone, viber or whatsapp +37254569206

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