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Treatments for office workers in Tallinn

Treatments for office workers in Tallinn

                              Treatments for office workers in Tallinn

If you are suffering from work-related musculoskeletal problems, come see us at Sport & Remedial Therapy treatment room. We are experts with musculoskeletal pain relieve, we help with bad posture, stress relieve and much more.

How Sport & Remedial Therapy can help to office workers:

We can ease or eliminate the symptoms mentioned above by putting the body back into proper alignment. We use different diagnostic musculoskeletal tests to find exact problem. Then we use range of different treatments such a remedial massage, soft manual therapy, upper body massage, deep tissue massage, stretching and other techniques o solve the problem. For each client we provide individual treatments based for clients needs.

 Benefits for office workers:
Reduce back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain
Improve bad posture
Reduce lower back pain
Reduce stress and headache
Reduce muscles stiffnes
Improve limited mobility
Preventing pain
Improve blood circulation
Helps with wrist, elbows pain

Sport & Remedial Therapy providing high quality services for office workers in Tallinn. Our senior therapist- Timur Tumajev finished London Institute of Sport & Remedial therapy and London Academy of Clinical Rehabilitation.
Before he regularly treated professionals across London, engaged in disciplines such as cycling, running, football, rugby, swimmers, city workers and many other activities.


First visit treatment duration 60min- 39 euro.
You can book an appointment by email-
or by phone, viber or whatsapp +37254569206

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