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Treatments for office workers in Tallinn

Shoulder / neck pain treatment in Tallinn

                              Shoulder / neck pain treatment in Tallinn

Neck and upper back pain its common problem for our life. It's can be very big issue in our daily life.

Most common cause of upper back and neck pain:
Bad posture
Upper back or neck muscles tightness, soreness
Joint dysfunction
Disc disease
Muscles weakness
Trap nerve

How we can help?
With shoulder, neck, upper back pain we can provide assessment and find exact problems area and using different manual treatment such a soft manual therapy, neuromuscular therapy, sport & remedial massage.

We using range of treatments
Remedial & Sports or deep tissue massage to help loosen stiff joints, relieve muscles spasm and tension. Improve blood circulation, loose trigger points.
Traction- this is gentle neck stretch, may provide neck pain relief, especially if that pain because of nerve root irritation.
Neck immobilization
Trigger point therapy- some times neck and shoulder pain cause trigger points which located in upper trapezius and neck.
Physiotherapy- using physiotherapy we can teach our clients correct posture, neck-strengthening and stretching exercises.



First visit treatment duration 60min- 39 euro.
You can book an appointment by email-
or by phone, viber or whatsapp +37254569206

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