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Sport & Remedial



Remedial massage is developed on the basis of classical massage, manual therapy and other types of massage.
Remedial massage is a combined form differnt type of therapy that absorbed the best techniques of other schools, for maximum effect.

In the remedial massage for each client, individual techniques are selected and no session is similar to the other.
These techniques are used both in the treatment of painful muscle syndromes and for the prevention of many diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Remedial massage helps to get rid of pain and discomfort in muscles and ligaments, relieve muscle tension, increase muscle tone.
Eliminates pain and tension in the extremities, neck, back.
Eliminates the discomfort and pain that occurs in daily life from work, stress, or incorrect posture.
Helps with fatigue and stress

Treatment price:

45min- 40

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