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Professional Sports Massage in Tallinn


If you're involved in sports or engage in active physical activity, you may have heard of professional sports massage. But what is it, and how can it help you?


So, what is a professional sports massage?

When we talk about professional sports massage, the first thing to mention is that this type of massage is studied separately. It requires knowledge of anatomy, physiology, traumatology, and pathology. It is often taught within the framework of therapeutic massage.


This type of massage can be a crucial component of health and performance care for athletes and active individuals.


What is sports massage used for?

Every athlete has unique needs and requirements, and sports massage is provided with these specific considerations in mind.


  1. Performance Enhancement: Professional sports massage aims to improve physical performance, sports results, and rapid recovery after workouts and competitions.

  2. Targeting Specific Muscles and Areas: The massage therapist focuses on specific muscle groups and areas that are most strained or subject to tension in a particular sport.

  3. Injury Prevention and Treatment: Sports massage can help prevent sports injuries or assist in their treatment. It also reduces inflammation and swelling.

  4. Improved Flexibility and Mobility: Sports massage helps improve muscle and joint flexibility, which is essential for athletes.

  5. Relieving Muscle Tension: Massage can help athletes relieve muscle tension, enhancing their overall physical condition.

  6. Psychological Benefits: Sports massage can also help athletes relax, reduce stress, and improve psychological well-being.


Who is suitable for sports massage?

There are no age restrictions for sports massage; it's suitable for everyone, but especially for athletes and active individuals.


Is sports massage painful?

Sports massage is not intended to cause pain. However, in cases of severe muscle spasms or high tension after strenuous exercise, some discomfort may be experienced, but it quickly subsides.


How to prepare for a sports massage?

There's no specific preparation needed for a sports massage. It's best not to eat for 2 hours before the massage, and if possible, avoid intense physical activity for 12 hours after the procedure.


Contraindications for sports massage:

  • Acute Injuries: It's not recommended to undergo sports massage with fresh injuries such as dislocations or fractures.

  • Acute Inflammatory Conditions: Sports massage can exacerbate inflammation in the case of acute illness or inflammation.

  • Infectious Diseases: If you have infectious diseases like the flu or skin infections, sports massage can contribute to the spread of infection.

  • Open Wounds and Abrasions: Massage is not recommended in areas with open wounds, abrasions, or infected areas.

  • Tumors and Oncological Conditions


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